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The purpose of Equipped By His Word is truly found in the ministry name. Our desire is to help equip people to walk with the Lord by the use of His Word. Equipped By His Word is available to churches for Bible Conferences and Seminars. The following ministries are available through Equipped By His Word:

Blessed Life Conferences 

This conference is led by Dr. Ted Kersh. Ted leads the congregation through a study of The Sermon On the Mount. The conference follows the format of the book, The Blessed Life, Living The Sermon On The Mount, written by Dr. Kersh. 

Thirst Conferences  

Several churches have asked Dr. Kersh to return and lead another conference following their experience with The Blessed Life Conference. As a result Ted develops  Bible messages that grow believers. These conferences are called “Thirst Conferences”. The purpose is to help believers who are truly thirsty for a deeper walk with the Lord to grow in that walk. 


Deacon Retreats  

As a Pastor Ted Kersh developed a unique way to use the Deacons of the local church. This ministry helps the Deacons become an extension of the pastoral ministry of the Pastor.  Pastors  and Deacons are discovering a rich relationship through serving in ministry together. 


Ladies Conferences

As a pastor’s wife for over 45 years Jerri Kersh is uniquely qualified to lead the wives of pastors and the ladies of the local church in developing a deeper walk with the Lord through Bible presentations. Your ladies will enjoy the practical teaching of Jerri Kersh. You may reach Jerri through the Equipped By His Word phone or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..