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December 2017

There are some books you want to read and even read again. And then there are some books you want to read and read again and then study deeply. That is exactly what you will want to do with the book of the month for December. The Lord will use Andrew Murray to change your life. Read and study. This is a wonderful Christmas present for any serious follower of Jesus Christ.

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The Family Tree

Back in the Day! A few years ago I celebrated my 25 year High School reunion! It is hard to believe it has been 25 years since I graduated, but as the old saying goes, "time marches on." Leading up to that reunion I kept getting emails upon email reminding me that this date was coming. I was told to mark it on my calendar. I was told to save the date. I was even told don't be the only one to miss out on your 25 year reunion. All that said, I'm not going! I know, your thinking how could you miss your reunion? The truth is I don't want to spend the money to go. These things have gotten so expensive that I decided I could spend my money better than at a reunion. I have to admit it would be fun to see some old friends and relive some old memories. But the more I thought about reliving some old memories the more I realized that there is not much I did back in the late 80's that really means a whole lot to me now. Not that I didn't have fun or have good friends, but that [...]

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May 2017

The book of the month for may is the classic by R. C. Sproul, Chosen By God. If you want a true yet simple understanding of Reformed Theology this book is for you. But do not let the term, Reformed Theology, cause you to quickly decide not to read this wonderful work. Sproul will take you to the depths of God word in a way to encourage you and edify you spiritually. This is a book you need to read from time to time. I truly want you to be blessed by the truth of Chosen By God. Read, grow and be encouraged.

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April 2017

One of my favorite people in all of the world is my friend Tom Elliff. I not only love Tom for his amazing ability to teach the Word of God, but also for his ability to write. He writes with his heart. This is exactly what has happened with Tom's newest work, The Broken Curse. The Broken Curse, will challenge you in the use of your words. But more than that God will use this book to help you be set free from words that put you in bondage. I am thrilled to recommend this book. You need to get it today and begin to be free from the curse. The Broken Curse is available from Amazon.com.

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March 2017

One of my favorite writers is Steven Lawson. Dr. Lawson is a tremendous author of biographies. He has written a series of books called, "A Long Line of Godly Men Profile." These are biographies of men such as Martin Luther, John Calvin, Charles Spurgeon and several others. One of the reasons I enjoy these books is they are not long biographies. They can be read quickly. In a short time you can learn the highlights of the lives of these godly people. These books are available in most Christian book stores. They are also available through Amazon.com. My friend Dennis Gundersen has Grace and Truth Books. You may go to his website www.graceandtruthbooks.com and find all of Dr. Lawson's books. Dennis has great prices. I recommend his book store first. I believe like me you will become a fan of Steven Lawson. I know you will enjoy this series of books.

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February 2017

My wife Jerri has introduced me to a new author. She is Dr. Helen Roseveare. Dr. Roseveare was a medical missionary in The Congo of Africa. She went through great hardship and torture for the cause of Christ. The book we have been reading is Living Holiness. The writing of Dr. Helen Roseveare will challenge you and be used of the Lord to change you. I believe she will become a favorite author for you as well. Dr. Helen Roseveare is now with the Lord. She has left a legacy of marvelous books. You will love Living Holiness. Like Jerri and I you are about to become a fan of Dr. Helen Roseveare.

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December 2016

I was recently reminded of one of the best books ever written concerning prayer. My friend, Tom Elliff, wrote the book entitled A Passion for Prayer. Tom wrote this book many years ago. But it is still a classic on prayer. In fact this would be a great book for you to purchase and give as a Christmas gift to several individuals. People need to know how to pray. This book will give wonderful instruction and inspiration. This is a must read.

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November 2016

I truly enjoy reading biographies. But not those biographies of 600 pages that take forever to read. I'm talking about books concerning great men and women of God which are brief and to the point. There is a series of books called "The Heroes of the Faith." You can purchase them very inexpensively from Amazon. This month I want to recommend the book Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Opponent of the Nazi Regimen. The author is Michael Van Dyke. It is a wonderful book and will give you great insight into the life of this amazing follower of Christ. You are going to love learning about the series "Heroes of the Faith." Read and be blessed.

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October 2016

For the month of October I want to recommend an old book. But it is a wonderful book for fathers and young men. This is actually a book I would recommend fathers and their sons read together. It is Thoughts for Young Men by J.C. Ryle. The wording is a little different. Ryle was a minister with the church of England. He lived from 1816-1900. But once you get through the different use of words you will truly enjoy what he has to say. Not long ago I was told about a lady who had her daughter read this little book. She told her it was a book about the type of man she should marry. That is a great idea. So mothers should read this and share it with their daughters. The book may be purchased on line at most christian book sites.

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September 2016

I enjoy reading biographies. This month I want to recommend to you the book, A Pastor In New York, The Life and Times of Spencer Cone. Pastor Cone was one that God used in amazing ways during the time of the great New York prayer revival. You will love this book. It is absolutely a joy to read. I'm sure the book is available from several sources. But I know you may purchase it for a very reduced price from www.graceandtruthbooks.com. My friend Dennis Gunderson owns this wonderful bookstore. If you are not familiar with Grace and Truth Books in Sand Springs you need to take the time to know this store. You will be blessed by all that is available through Grace and Truth Books. Get your copy of A Pastor in New York soon.

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