The Joy of His Leading

September 4, 2018   Early this morning I found myself experienceing the joy of His leading. What do I mean by that statement? Let me try to explain. Several months ago the Lord began to lead Jerri and I to move to Edmond, Oklahoma. Although our daughter had been asking us to consider the move for several months and even years, we really had not taken the time to seriously pray through this decision. But in the timing of the Lord we started to talk and pray about this opportunity. After a few weeks, Jerri and I both, sensed the [...]

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Blessings At A Coffee Shop

August 17, 2018 If you know anything about me you know, I enjoy coffee shops. I enjoy all coffee shops. The national chain stores as well as the locally owned  shops, are a delight for me. As you are reading this and you think of a coffee shop in my town (Edmond, Okla.) Send me a note and tell me about your favorite coffee shop. But back to the story. If someone wants to meet with me and talk about the Bible or talk about ministry plans or just to have a good conversation, I will always choose a coffee [...]

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The Benefit of Fearing The Lord

August 6, 2018 One of the joys of technology is to be able to contact my grandchildren and sow the truth of God's word into their hearts and minds. This morning as I read my daily dose of Psalms the following words stuck in my heart. Psalms 25:12 "Who is the man who fears the Lord? He will instruct him in the way he should choose." I shared some thoughts with my grandchildren which I hope will help them get through today and the coming days of their life. Because these words have continued to leave their tracks in my [...]

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Last Day Living

August 2, 2018 Over the last few weeks we have been moving to our home in Edmond, Oklahoma. As you know, moving will consume your time and your mental processes. It seems while you are selling one home and buying another  home your entire life revolves around getting the process completed. Then another "wild animal" steps into your life. This home you bought has to have a few things conquered. It may mean paint, carpet and other opportunities to drain your wallet. Finally you complete the main task and you are ready to get back to your life. Jerri and [...]

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Following God’s Plan

June 29, 2018 Today I want to encourage you to "follow God's plan." From time to time the Lord has led Jerri and me on a path that surprised us. Today we are experiencing one of those surprises from the Lord. About a year ago the Lord put in our heart we needed to move back to the Oklahoma City area. This thought alone surprised us. We loved living in Bixby. We had been away from the OKC area for over 15 years. Our ministry was thriving and our life was very satisfying. But, attempting to be faithful to the [...]

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Spiritual Lessons From The Tree Outside My Window

May 21,2018 Twelve years ago, Jerri and I moved into our home in Bixby, Oklahoma. I was the new pastor at The South Tulsa Baptist Church. We had no idea of the exciting years the Lord had planned for us. Over the next eight years I was the pastor of one of the greatest churches I ever served. I still marvel at how the people South Tulsa followed my leadership. Very quickly, we became close friends. In a matter of weeks, it was obvious we were on the same page. And we saw the Lord bless the work of the [...]

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