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Spiritual Lessons From The Tree Outside My Window

May 21,2018 Twelve years ago, Jerri and I moved into our home in Bixby, Oklahoma. I was the new pastor at The South Tulsa Baptist Church. We had no idea of the exciting years the Lord had planned for us. Over the next eight years I was the pastor of one of the greatest churches I ever served. I still marvel at how the people South Tulsa followed my leadership. Very quickly, we became close friends. In a matter of weeks, it was obvious we were on the same page. And we saw the Lord bless the work of the [...]

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When A Pastor is Dismissed

April 20,2018 Over the past several years I have had the amazing privilege of teaching and preaching in all kinds of churches. These have been city churches and rural churches. Some of them have been larger, but most of the churches I serve are smaller in attendance churches. In fact, the smaller in attendance churches are a major part of the reason we began Equipped by His Word. We want to encourage and bless the people and especially the pastors of these smaller in attendance churches. Although there is a part of serving in the smaller churches that has broken [...]

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Looking Out My Study Window

March 28, 2018 Have you noticed the obvious is missed? For example. When I look out of my study window I see the things I have looked at for over 11 years. There is a house across the street from me which is a newer home. It was built by a young couple who only lived in it for a few months. It always bothered me they were only in the neighborhood for a brief time. I was able to know them, but not well. I wonder what happened that caused them to move out so soon after moving in. [...]

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The Sacrifice of Life

March 1, 2018 In recent days I have found myself in the midst of several life changing situations. These are not situations with my life but with the lives of others. Some of these experiences have not been good. In fact they have been extremely difficult if not actually mean and unkind. Other situations have simply been decisions people have to make concerning their employment or other life-challenging situations. But I have been reminded of a particular truth. Life, all of life, requires sacrifice. If you are an individual who cannot sacrifice for others you are going to live a [...]

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If I Was a Member of a Declining Church

I recently heard an individual make the following statement. They did not know I was listening closely. But here is what they said. "I will continue to give to my church until they close the doors." There are some interesting thoughts which come to my mind as a result of this disturbing statement. First of all, I wanted to ask this person,"Who is they?" Aren't you a member of the church? Shouldn't you say, "I will continue to give to my church until we close the doors?" Secondly, I thought, "If you are faithful enough to give to the church [...]

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How To Have a Dull Year.

January 1, 2018 What a way to start the year. Early on January 1, 2018 I am in my home-office. The outside thermometer says, 6 degrees. You read it right. I just noticed, it is 26 degrees in Breckenridge, Colorado and 6 degrees in Bixby, Oklahoma. There is something wrong about those numbers. But hey, we live in Oklahoma. So it is not a problem. We know the weather will change soon. As I began my day it started like most of my days. I spent time with the Lord and I headed to the gym for my morning workout. [...]

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