“Together In Ministry” by Dr. Ted Kersh and Jerri Kersh

 “Together in Ministry” is a book written to help Pastors and Deacons share ministry. If you are looking for a
resource to use that can train your Deacons to truly become ministers, this book can help. Order yours today.

“The Blessed Life” by Dr. Ted Kersh

Interested in building an unshakeable life, marriage, family, and church? What if it were possible to walk through the inevitable difficulties of life with contentment, trust, and a solid witness to the world? What if there were practical ways to construct relationships, homes, and churches that stand strong through life’s storms? Interested in living this kind of “blessed” life? Well, it’s possible, and the path to get there is clear—the Sermon on the Mount. From the first “blessed” in Matthew 5, through 111 invaluable verses, Jesus graciously outlined this God-anchored life. The Blessed Life is your guided tour through Jesus’ Sermon.

You’ll gain

  • the blessings of spiritual poverty, gentle submission to God, full satisfaction in God alone, and calm contentment through any tribulation
  • the passion to be salt that influences this world and light that reflects Jesus, the true Light
  • the disciplines of spiritual maturity: service, prayer, forgiveness, and trust
  • the courage to rise above worry and to inspect our own logs
  • the tools to identify false teaching
  • the confidence to say, “I can do this! The patterns of living Jesus gave are doable.”

Looking for courage or hope in troubled times? The Blessed Life inspires seasoned believers and new Christ-followers to build a durable life on Christ the Solid Rock.

“The Walk” by Dr. Ted Kersh

A book for every Christ-follower, every small group, every church and every pastor, who truly desires a life saturated in love. The Walk is a map to help relieve the struggles of the Christian journey. It will guide you to an understanding of love than can:

  • radically renew your life;
  • take a dysfunctional church and give it an entirely new personality:
  • redesign a family;
  • allow you to become a Christ-follower who really does affect the world in which you live.

“Is love a challenge? Yes it is. But once we understand what love is and how it is possible for us to live our lives immersed in love, we will experience victory as never before.”

Dr. Gregory Frizzell writes, “In a way that is perfect for small groups or church-wide studies, Dr. Kersh guides readers on a verse-by-verse discovery of why Godly love is so critical. He shows how all of our labors and strengths (without love) are useless to God and others. In life-related detail, believers gain understanding of what love is and how it acts.”

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